Hardships & Diseases Along the Trail

by Julia and Nikolas

external image Bridge-of-the-Gods.JPGThe pioneers’ wagons didn’t have any safety features. If someone fell under the wagon wheels, death was instant. Many lost their lives this way. Most often, the people were children.

Some sicknesses along the trail were head and body lice, malaria, and scurvy. One of the most common diseases was cholera. There was no cure for cholera. The lice feeds on a person’s blood; the spit of the bite can cause a reaction that forces the person to itch and scratch the spot that the lice have laid their eggs forcing the eggs to pop open. The Scurvy symptoms are sleepiness, weakness, pains in different places, purple gums, weak bones, all the fingers start bleeding from the tips, all of your old scars and weak spots on your body start bleeding, and when you bump yourself, you get bruised easily. Malaria symptoms are basically your original cold and high blood temperature; but Cholera is different. Repeating nausea, you get really thirsty, you can’t sleep, and you get a fever and low blood pressure.

River crossings were also hard for the pioneers because the Pioneers would drown and their wagons would flip over and their stuff would be gone.

Image source: http://research.microsoft.com/users/sumitg/Pictures/Columbia-River/Bridge-of-the-Gods.JPG

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