Lewis and Clark

by Shivam

Land was sold to the United States from France for $15,000,000. It was 800,000 square miles. This land was called the Louisiana Purchase. In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson sent a small group of people across this land to the Pacific Ocean. This group was led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. They followed an easy water route to the Pacific Ocean. In their journey, they followed along the Missouri, Yellowstone, Snake, and Columbia Rivers and also other small rivers. Lewis and Clark were the first white men to see the West. The journey was so long that Jefferson thought his plan had failed. But, December 5, 1805, Lewis and Clark got to the Pacific Ocean. They came back to St. Louis on September 23, 1806.


by Shivam

Sacagawea was a Shoshone Native American teenager who helped Lewis and Clark along the expedition by guiding them through the territory of the West. She also helped Lewis and Clark by protecting them from other tribes. The other tribes would think it was okay to talk to the Lewis and Clark party instead of attacking the. She was translating for them. She also helped them see what plants were edible and not edible and also saw bison-a type of buffalo. Lewis and Clark learned how to use different parts of the buffalo for surviving.

Pike and Long

by Benjamin

Zebulon Montgomery Pike found a passage through the Rockies but it would be five decades before pioneers moved to the West. Why the delay? In 1806, Pike was sent to explore the great land and the Rockies. Pike’s description of the area was “a vast desert.” Steven Long took his group of men and traveled through what are now Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas. He thought that the land was so bad that no one would want to live there. So nobody would live there except Indians for a long time.