Weather Conditions Along the Trail

by Samantha

The dangerous weather the pioneers had were hailstorms. Some pieces were the size of apples!!! They could severely hurt you. There also were very heavy rains that made piles of mud. The mud became so thick that the wagon wheels would get stuck. It would take a long time to pull and dig them out. This would delay the journey. More severe weather conditions were the dust storms and that could make you blind, the snow storms almost so powerful it could maybe pick up a wagon and break it, and tornadoes too were very powerful. The tornadoes were so powerful it could rip the wagon apart and everything would be gone.

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The weather conditions that the pioneers faced could kill them, delay the trip so they would get stuck in the snow on the Rocky Mountains, hurt them badly, or could break their wagons. There were also thunder storms that would fill the rivers and when the pioneers would cross they would break the wagons, people would drown, the horses or oxen would die, or they would never get across.


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