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EESHANI by and Genny

Songs and Games By: EESHANI and Genny

On the Oregon Trail, pioneers entertained themselves with songs and games. The mothers taught the girls how to make apple dolls and cornhusk dolls. The fathers taught the children how to carve. Wimmy diddle, buzz saw, mountain bolos were also some games. A wimmy diddle is made from two sticks. Some people think it is magic. You rub two sticks and a propeller starts spinning. People thought it could tell true or false answers. The climbing bear was fun. You just had to pull on the string and the bear would start climbing. The bullroarer was a really fun toy. You would pull a piece of flat wood on a string. If you pulled it fast enough, it would make a loud roar.
There is a type of pioneer puzzle that was made out of two horseshoes chained with a metal ring. To play you had to get the ring off the horseshoes. Pioneers brought animals like cows, dogs, horses, and oxen for entertainment and for carrying many things. They sang songs around the camp fire. Some
of the songs were: “Home On the Range”, “I Ride an Ole Paint”, “Green Grow on the Lilacs”, “Old Joe Clark”, and “Oh Susannah”, “Old Dan Tucker”, and “Buffalo Gals”. These are
some of their favorite songs and games.
Tis picture is by Eeshani

Cornhusk Doll image from: http://www.shakerworkshops.com/cart/new_images_in_db/12P35.jpg