Samantha_Smith.jpgFun Facts=by James


Pioneers would use buffalo chips to start a fire without wood and they would also use belly button lint!

picture by Samantha

A corn seeder is used to plant a corn seed. First you insert the seed into the little box on the right, and open then close it. Then push the handles up and down repeatedly, and then the seed is planted.

Pioneers traveled in a Conestoga
wagon or a spring wagon.

Wagons were made of hickory, oak, or maple wood.

How many shoes did the pioneers go through on the Oregon Trail? One pioneer named May Ellen Murdock Compton started with ten pairs of shoes and ended up walking barefoot!

Some wagon canvas covers were painted red or blue to show what group they belonged in.
“Roadside Telegraphs” were used to communicate with other wagon trains.

Pioneers would wear Civil War clothing.

A caravan would travel ten to fifteen miles a day.

The Jim Bridges statue is still on the Oregon Trail along with his grave.