Native Americans

by KaseIndains.JPG

The Oregon Trail split two Native American tribes. The Cheyenne were on the north side of the Trail. The Pawnee Tribe was on the south side. The Pioneers thought the Native Americans would attack but they did not come. The Native Americans were really helpful. Native Americans helped pull out stuck wagons, round up lost cattle, and rescue drowning people. The Native Americans traded horses and food for Pioneer clothes, rifles, and tobacco. After a few years, the Pioneers used all the firewood and killed most of the buffalo. This caused the Native American tribes to become hungry.
The Indians helped the Pioneers get food. They helped by teaching them to grow crops and catch deer and buffalo. They also helped by teaching them how to use buffalo for clothing, shoes, and sleds. The Indians showed them how to make houses out of buffalo skins.
Sometimes they would not get along. The Indians thought the Pioneers were taking their land. Not many Pioneers saw Indians because they hid from the Pioneers. Relationships between the Indians and Pioneers were very tense sometime.

By Janie and Kase